“There’s nothing like the feeling of putting a CD in the player and knowing you’re in for a good time before you even press play.”

– Stephen Cooke, The Chronicle Herald

"'For the Record' is in high-rotation on my iPod!"

- Danny Glover 


“Great…. tasteful, tasteful, tasteful. Is all this out on disc? I am gonna bookmark your site.
George Boyde, Montreal Playwrite


“You’re probably the best swing/blues singer and player east of Toronto!”
George Hebert, Guitarist for Anne Murray

" ***** I don't even have to wait for this to arrive in order to recommend it highly. If Bill puts it down, I'll pick it up."

- Spider Robinson

"Bill Stevenson's workshop was masterful, structuctured yet informal, enjoyably challenging, and deeply musical. Anyone who does themselves the favor of taking part in one of his sessions will come away with a richer understanding of the blues in particular and music in general."

- Doug Millington (Chair, TD PEI Jazz and Blues Festival)